Sean Stewart

Curated by Veronika Ivanova

May 11th - June 4th

growing sideways
Madelyne Beckles
Dahae Song
Hannah Spector

Guest curated by Kate Benedict and Tamara Hart

April 8th — May 7th, 2017 

Incidental Proximities
Kristina Guison
Naomi Dodds

February 9th — March 5th, 2017

Edison's Teeth
David Ballantine

January 19th — February 5th, 2017

Monuments in the Making
Nicolas Fleming

Curated by Matthew Kyba
December 2nd – January 10th, 2017

Casual Encounters
Daniel Griffin Hunt
Connor Olthuis
Ryan Pechnick
Jenna Robineau
Claire Scherzinger
Shanie Tomassini

November 3rd — November 24th, 2016

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