Incidental Proximities 

"Incidental Proximities" examines public memory in socio-political power struggles. The exhibition is a site-specific installation and response to Bunker 2, a contemporary art space constructed within a Canadian Armed Forces shipping container. Drawing from Levinas’ "Otherwise than Being or Beyond Essence", artists Kristina Guison and Naomi Dodds examine "otherness" within the colonial ancestries of Britain, Canada, and the Philippines. The exhibition resulted from their collaboration on a new two-channel video installation that questions the politics of memory in virtual spaces.

Toronto based new media artist Naomi Dodds’ work explores visual syntax through the material and immaterial by questioning the role of machine and image. Her work consists of video projection and multimedia installations that attempt to understand the relationship between proximity and movement, judged under certain perceptual conundrums. Through robotically controlled, simulated experiences, Naomi’s works considers the balancing act between physical, mental and virtual presence.

Kristina Guison is a Manila-born, Toronto-based artist and tattooist. Her practice derives from pathways of socio-political interactions and intersections between pre-colonial and post-colonial, contemporary cultural identities in the heavily globalized 21st century. Guison's process emerges from themes that delve into the socio-political associations people make, unconsciously or consciously, in relation to their relationship or lack of, with objects and materials within a cultural/ scientific context. Her recent works are a combination of material fabrication, performance, community-immersion, multidisciplinary collaborations and social practices.

Kristina Guison
Naomi Dodds

Curated by Matthew Kyba

On view February 9th — March 5th, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday, February 9th (7–9PM)    

Incidental Proximities, 2017 (installation view)

Incidental Proximities, 2017 (installation view)

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