The Sanctuary of the Sex Magick Warriors

Maximilian Suillerot Wilke

On view by appointment, November 17 - December 9, 2018

Artist talk co-presented with V Tape,
December 15, 2018

This sanctuary space accompanied by a video projection of a ritual, serves as evidence to the presence of Sex Magick Warriors. The remains of their practice (rollerblades, clothing and objects scattered around in their two sacred colors) are proof of the urgency with which they organize. The colors pink and teal are the embodiment of Magick, Art and Sexuality and their use by the warriors -through empathy, telepathy and tactile care- spills the tea on their means for survival in these harsh urban environments. The ritual exposes the hardships of this army of lovers and reveals their sensual strategy for self preservation.

Maximilian Suillerot Wilke's artist talk was co-presented with V Tape on December 15, 2018.

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