A Fault Line in Me is a Fault Line in You

May 2- June 2, 2019

This Mask is My Face: A Performative Lecture on May 11, 6-9pm

Bunker 2 is excited to announce its inaugural IN STUDIO Artist-In-Residence, Max Lester, who will be using Bunker 2 as a studio for the month of May.

IN STUDIO transforms Bunker 2 into an artist's workspace and opens it up to the public. Treating the artist's process as the primary subject, this residency invites visitors to engage with and influence in-progress works developed by the artist inside of the Bunker. 

During Max Lester’s Residency, “A Fault Line in Me is a Fault Line in You”, the artist will employ Bunker 2 as a container for research, material investigation, and conversation. Max will create an immersive installation in constant flux, researching and creating a body of work that will be subject to change and instability. Investigating queer embodiments that defy hegemonic conceptions of normativity and naturalness, Max engages with the uncanny as a site to locate the ambiguous and challenging aspects of queerness. Throughout the residency, there will be a number of opportunities to see the work in its various stages of progress. Programming will include performance work, a panel discussion, and a final reception. Studio visits will be welcome and encouraged throughout Max’s Residency.

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