featuring Catherine Telford-Keogh
On view October 11 - October 21
Presented in partnership with Artspin
On view at 1665 Dupont

Thirteen years earlier, in September, The Conglomerate’s nationwide mandate replaced Greeters with Customer Hosts, who embodied the guiding principles of corporate affect. Hopalong Cassidy, “Hops” for short, fully internalized the spirit of this new role, greeting each customer who entered those glass double doors with pleasant platitudes and praise. The transference from Host to Customer or from Commodity to Shopper, is like the process of osmosis here, taking place through seemingly inert matter, such as Naturally Smoked Pepperoni (Mini Peps), the digital image or granite. 

For Hops, each shopper represented the attrition of her own life. She knew it was only a matter of time before her body, slackened and riddled with illness, would succumb to the pull of gravity and time. Though bleached and penniless from years of service, Hops’s hope was renewed when she graduated from Host to Brand Ambassador for The Conglomerate’s new chain of expanding mobile retail establishments. She had arrived, drink in hand, wearing tounguelss shoes with no laces and stared through her murky contacts at the vast, soupy mess that was the foundation of this dank place. Hops knew it was only a matter of time before the mobile business metastasized into something akin to the inside of a Bed Bath & Beyond.

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