It Filled Our Minds Completely
featuring Gary Kibbins and Neven Lochhead 
On view April 11 – May 6, 2018
Curated by Matthew Kyba

"It Filled Our Minds Completely" brings together the moving image practices of artists Gary Kibbins and Neven Lochhead through the shared space of a single channel projection. For this collaborative work, Kibbins gave to Lochhead a hard drive full of footage that he shot while travelling on board a cargo ship, along with project files and copies of various preexisting works. Lochhead then proceeded to pull them apart, excavate their contents, re-perform and reassemble them into new flows. Editing tendencies were memorised. Behaviours with language became operational. Mutations generated hallucinations. A singular video consciousness emerged.

Reworked Text Fragments from Gary Kibbins
April 1967 (2004)
If Horses had Gods (2004)
A Triad in Three Parts (2006)
Ocean View (2014)
We Move Only Ourselves (2016)
A Short History of Water (1989)
Words with Exclamation Marks in Finnegans Wake and Their Distribution According to Book, Chapter and Page (2018)

Gary Kibbins is a media artist and writer, currently teaching at Queen’s University. Until 2000 he taught at the California Institute of the Arts. A book of essays and scripts was published in 2005: Grammar & Not-Grammar: Selected Scripts and Essays by Gary Kibbins, ed. A. J. Paterson, YYZ Books, Toronto; 2005; 254 pp.

Neven Lochhead is an artist based in Ottawa, Ontario, where he works as Director of Programming for SAW Video. He received an MFA in Art Video from Syracuse University in 2016 and attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2015.

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